How ole Digital works
If you own master sound recordings, TV or film visual content, publishing or music videos — ole Digital can get you paid for every view, stream, and download.

When your content is used online you are owed a royalty. In many cases, some or all of these royalties are not paid for the use of your content. ole Digital is in the unique position to collect these royalties on your behalf.

We have licenses and agreements with major digital services to distribute your content directly so you earn money for the use of your content online. ole can collect for the use of your sound recordings and music publishing on services such as: iTunes, SoundCloud, Google Play, and Spotify.

ole Digital will also get you paid for views of your content on YouTube. Learn about our YouTube services here. We deliver, register, and monetize the use of your copyrights.

ole can provide the capital you need to fund new productions by sharing in your OTT business. The OTT business is growing for film and TV producers and ole recognizes the long term viability of this business and is willing to become your partner. See a list of clients who use ole Digital here.